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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkins and Apple Cider

I love the fall. Its my favorite time of year. Looking forward to Halloween and my Birthday. All great events =)

We went to Lee Farms in Tualatin. Our first visit and a very fun one. Olivia had a great time eating the apple cider/pumpkin donuts and especially the caramel apple. I enjoyed the great natural apple cider. Unlike at the Farmer's Market, the cider was unpasteurized and never frozen. The way its meant to be.

I think Olivia's favorite was petting the baby chickens. She wanted to pet them again on the way out but she'd already sanitized her hands.

Bought 3 gallons of cider. 2 for drinking, one to make hard. We just had a bad experience making hard cider a few days ago. Had a one gallon glass jug explode like a bomb in the middle of the night. Would have killed/horribly injured anyone that was in the room.. we were very lucky. We wont make the same mistakes again.

Olivia picked up 4 pumpkins, a weird green gourd, a bale of hay and some corn stalks. She's ready to decorate the house for the first Halloween in this place.

Enjoy the season!


Bee said...

What! no mention of Olivia's rad green boots? For shame.

Jonathan said...

Those are green ladybug knee high socks!

Erica said...

Olivia is so your holiday updates! I wish I was there to enjoy the family holidays with you.

Love and miss you guys...

Jonathan said...

We love and miss you too!