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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy 2010 everyone. Holidays were busy so the ole blog press got slowed down. We've been really enjoying the new year and hope everyone else has too.

We've been enjoying the Rose City Rollers. Portland's own flat track rollerderby league. Last weekend, we saw the premiere of "Brutal Beauty", a documentary on last season, at the Hollywood Theater.

Yesterday we hit the Season 5 opener with some new friends and watched 3 solid hours (4 bouts). Olivia supports the "High Rollers", complete with Elvis mascot and bright green uniforms, even as they started off the season 0-2. I enjoy all the teams, but I am partial to the underdogs. I found myself rooting against the Breakneck Betties last night, defending champions and undefeated team after the opening bouts.


Bee said...

Hey what's wrong with a Betty?

Jonathan said...

They want to break necks!