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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Loving Rock Band 2

We were at Best Buy picking up my anniversary present (a bit early, but stuff was on sale!). While we were waiting, Olivia became enthralled by a Rock Band 2 kiosk (with the Beatles) and started jamming out in the store.

She quickly started asking questions about how much it was, if it would work with our Xbox 360, etc. I've never seen her excited about a videogame like this. (Even when she managed to win one of the Wii Resort games against me over the summer at one of our lovely festivals.) Long story short, I got her the set (sans Beatles markup). A Saturday Night.... does she want to go out to eat? no. See a movie? no. Olivia wants to stay at home and play VIDEOGAMES!!! HA HA!!!

She's quite good at it and its been a lot of fun.